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RaspberryZoo exhibiting in the West Midlands Open Walsall Art Gallery 

Friday 20th-Wednesday 25th September 2022


RaspberryZoo still to come events 2023

August 6th Lichfield Arts and Craft Market

August 12th Edgbaston Village Greenfield Crescent

August 26th Moseley Famers and Arts Market

September 3rd Lichfield Arts and Craft Market

September 30th Moseley Famers and Arts Market

October 28th Moseley Famers and Arts Market

December 16th Moseley Famers and Arts Market

RPS Landscape Magazine Editor

Delighted how well the magazine turned out and excellent feedback received from those in the industry. My first venture into magazine editing but feel it met the brief well; to revamp the Royal Photographic Society Landscape magazine, bringing in articles from pro photographers, so this month delighted to have got on board Gray Eaton ( Landscape of the Year winner), and Verity Milligan (Leading Birmingham Landscape and Commercial Photographer) thank you for working with me. But I was also keen to meet the objectives of the RPS, in that Photography is for everyone, so I was keen to include members who never previously been published introducing Lorraine Clifton and John Cuthbert. I also wanted to address the benefits of landscape photography on health and well being so wrote a piece of my own in this respect.

Fedback, " I've just been sitting reading Issue 11 of Landscape and want to tell you that I think you've done a really excellent job. 


Interesting articles, beautiful images and a structure and design that make it a pleasure to read. "


Well done


RPS Photographic Journalism Project

Peri Urban Spaces 2021- Book out early 2022

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